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  • Apology Tendered

    Posted by skyblu on November 2, 2007


    I besmirched his name as a “Bought Blogger” by believing the list I saw published in The West Yellowstone News. It was my inference that the plea for funds to entertain and provide amenities issued by the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce pertained to the names that they listed as their visitors. According to Kurt Rapanshek this is not true and, he has never been subsidized by the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce. I apologize.

    I can’t remove his name from the list as he requests. It is not my list, but the list of The West Yellowstone Chamber Of Commerce, published in The West Yellowstone News. I’m sure that, as journalists, they will make the necessary adjustments when Kurt Rapanshek lets them know about it. The West Yellowstone News has not yet responded to my requests for clarification of the article.

    ….. Skyblu

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    4 Responses to “Apology Tendered”

    1. Carl said


      You don’t need to apologize. You do need to explain that you drew the inference that the local rag wanted you to. This is a touchy topic and you need to explore it further. Write the kid a letter and ask if he received any gratuities of any sort in your town. Were they from members of the Chamber of Commerce? I’ll be interested in his response.


    2. John said


      Please write the offended blogger and ask if he teaches a “101” class. Ask him if he needs some legal advice about the difference between liable, slander, and a sloppy inference. and like Carl says – has he ever had a free cup of coffee, discount rates, free rides, or other perks. I too, am interested.

      Keep posting, we missed you.


    3. Carolyn said


      I’m a photojournalist and know about the problems associated with being objective and impartial, and sympathetic at the same time. It;s hard when you are trying to make a living and mony is tight and you are offered something for free. I wish that you would explore this a bit more. Why hasn’t the local newspaper responded to your inquiry? I know that you live in a small town, and that it must be tough to talk about these things in public. Just send Mr. Rapanshek an email and explain that you are interested if he has had any influences, AT ALL, from the merchants and vendors in your town. Of course he has! Of course they treat him differently. And, as I know, it’s hard to be taken “for yourself” when you are a member of the press. Everybody sucks up and the charade is played out on both sides. It is pure poo but it happens.

      Thanks for the post, and all of your other insights.


    4. Ted said

      Rapanashek’s response is over the top. You reposted information you got from a newspaper. It’s not like you were making up false claims. If the claims are false, the the newspaper is at fault, not you. That’s what logic would tell me. You ought to retract your apology and demand one from Repanashek for bullying and threatening you, which seems typical when challenged.

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