THE NATIONAL PARKS & NATIONAL FORESTS have one thing in common; besides being managers of public property, – The public has no idea about the difference!

NEW WEST has been following the story of public usage of each.

Here’s an interesting comment by “the public.” … By bearbait, 9-08-06 Gone are the days when the District Ranger was a piillar of the community. Gone are the days when the District Ranger operated without micromanagement from the SO, RO, or CO..And in their place we get District Rangers chosen to fit some sort of social engineering diversity goal. With that social engineering, the USFS became a people regulator, not a resource manager. In Oregon, we have USFS cops stopping speeders on highways, campground ticket writers. The USFS and BLM are now no more than armed police enforcing failed environmental policies and doing their best to keep people from using renewable resources on 190 million acres. USFS integrity is an oxymoron. When the Clinton administration social engineers sacked Dale Robertson, went outside the SES system to hire his successor, and we got Jack Ward Thomas, all integrity left. Witness the thousands of early retirements, lateral transfers, and disgusted former USFS employees who would not give you a plug nickle for their once proud agency. If it took a year to break something in government, it will take a decade to fix it. The BLM and USFS are ruined for your and my lifetimes. Perhaps forever. As it appears now, they are well on their way to becoming the USFS..United States Fire Service. We grow fuel. And then put the fires out, maybe. Sounds like the Ed Bangs wolf deal: “I have a lifetime job. Introduce wolves, and then spend the rest of my career killing the surplus.” With the forests, before urban environmentalists, there were Native American managers for 15,000 years, and they gave us (our predecessors took them) the forests the agencies were to manage. Too bad the urban environmentalists saw to it it management could not happen. Bear Bait

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