Fly Fishing News – (shorts)

The world is awash with news, (Good & Bad,) about fly fishing topics. Flies and low water are the main points – along with invasive species that are seeking new niches to compete in.

The fly that is currently the “flavor of the day,” is the sweeney the toddSweeney Todd. It has undergone just a modicum of change since it’s origination. It was first a nymph and is now a streamer – fisher folks just don’t leave well enough alone!

You can find good pictures and history at the Russian site: The photo pages are excellent

Maine Today also has an article that talks about flies with literary backgrounds and the naming of same – LINK.

Polly'sThe “Battle of the Bighorn” is in it’s early stages. It was first noted by Fly Fishing In Yellowstone Park in a post on Saturday. Since then the ‘BIG BLOGS’ have picked it up: MidCurrent, has a note; and the Billings Gazette has run an article explaining the in’s and out’s of the situation. If you need the “Inside Skinny” go to POLLY’S PLACE. They have good grits, polly big fishclean rooms, an excellent guide service, and all of the good gossip.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but the fishing has slowed down dramatically since low flows from the dam have reduced the fish count from 2,000 per mile to about 500 per mile. Still there are good fish to be had. Even the folks at Simms fish here in the Fall – LINK.
Another excellent source for information about the Big Horn fishing opportunities is the Fort Smith Fly Shop & Cabins. They are the pro’s of the river and can give you the insight you need. Their guide service is excellent, and ‘now’ is the beginning of the”good times” in this excellent tail-water fishery. These folks know fishing and the Big Horn. You want “Browns” – you get “Browns.” You want “Bows” – you get “Bows.” They even run an excellent fly fishing school – ask for Mike.

There are many other fine shops and guides along the Big Horn; too many to mention now – we’ll do a post in a couple of weeks when we get there.
We drive out there about this time each year. Soon as it gets a bit cooler. The Smith River gets a visit too – but that’s another story.

Finally, from Mark Powell at blogfish, a note about the invading Lion Fish into the temperate and colder waters of the Atlantic Coast of North America. This critter is venomous and can sting you something fierce! Scary Stuff!

As you can see there is still a problem with insertion of pictures. The fish is nice – BUT – it should have been about 1/2 the size that it is in the post. We’re working on this minor problem. Soon it’ll be possible to click on the fish and make it the size you want – and maybe be a link to somewhere. The mechanics of the blog continue to get in the way.

POOR TOM! Now that the anniversary relaxation is over, and the romp on the waves just another good story, he’s got to go back to the grind at the base of Mt. Shasta and catch some more fish in the Upper Sac. We’re crying in our beer. Visit the Trout Underground to hear his tale of woe. We’ve made it easy – the last 10 posts are in the sidebar.

Now it’s time for cuppa #3, then to the Madison River and maybe the Firehole River. ____________________

sprattle fly

flikr slide show

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