A Busy Weekend


I fished hard Friday and Saturday. a-trout-from-madison.jpgThe lake fish have started their run up the Madison and I took a few. They are persistent and strong. It was blustery and there were snow flakes in the wind.

Today I fished in the morning, I took one fish for dinner at the 191 bridge. Short and fat – no head male. Let a couple of big hens go and then went to the park, regulated the light bench gun in the afternoon, and returned to the park to finish the daylight. Took one more fish – an 18″ Brown trout. Released it unceremoniously and returned about 9:30 PM. Next week sometime I’m going to see if I can find some of the New Zealand Mud Snails. Which reminds me the Protect Your Waters Workshop in Jackson Hole is coming up.
The Benchrest section, (Target Shooting,) is moving right along and as soon as the fishing is ended up here I’m headed to Wenatche for the Washington State Fall Finals. I still don’t have a Hunter Class Rifle to compete with. Just have to forfeit that relay.

I’m beginning to use the little Canon more frequently. I will take more pictures. It is convinient and there is no wait for the processing. Maybe I’ll take it fishing and drop it in the water – such is the way of it. Time to go fall asleep on the couch.


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