All This For Just One Day ?

Too Much Trouble

Since I moved up here I’ve become kinda minimalist in my activities and life style. Now I’m finding out why. Mom and I are going on a picnic tomorrow. She wants the kitchen sink, I want some wine and cheese, (and the fishing stuff.)

We have compromised a bit. But it’s funny that we have to spend part of today for a brief sojourn tomorrow – PACKING! a-pt_yukon.jpgThe blankets, the books, the chairs (!), the cards, the ice chest, the camera and batteries and memory, and — oh hell, way too much!

a-pt_avanti1.jpgSo I retreated here to escape, (fishing would be a cop-out,) and see if there would not be an easier way. There is. I found this lovely site on the web called Red’s Web Buys. It has a page called picnic essentials. That’s all we need – essentials. They have these nifty back packs that carry what you need, and some of them are insulated – save the wine from too much environment. I’m ordering one; sadly it won’t get here yesterday.

a-pt_javaex.jpga-san.JPGWe’re going to take some of the game hens we BBQ’d, (always do lots when you fire up the damn thing,) and a really nice wine that mom brought from California. It’s a Sauvignon Blanc, St. Clement, California 2000. It’s a very fruity Sauvignon, with flavors of tropical fruits and grapefruit. A bit of Viognier wine has been added to the blend, yielding a softer style.

a-brie_smoked8.jpgThis will go good with the hens and a couple of small wheels of smoked Brie Cheese from Blue Heron. Add an apple and some Boudin Sourdough from San Francisco, and the picnic is complete. Where would I be without her – maybe she can have the kitchen sink.a-sour-loaf.jpg

The recipe, (for a picnic?) is simple. Arrive at the picnic site and park the vehicle facing the sun. Put the cheese, (un-cut & still in the original container wrapped in foil,) on the front seat or the dashboard – in the sun. Leave the bread in the shade of the car in the rear seat floor. Drain the water from the cooler, (not the ice,) put the apples on the ice along with the wine. Go fishing and enjoy the sunshine.

When it’s lunch time; take the hens out of the cooler first and put them in the sun. Make picnic arrangements. Then; the apples will be crisp and cold, the wine chilled to perfection, the bread at ‘room’ temperature, and the smoked brie perfectly warm and creamy! Eat!

a-glory.jpegThen you can fish some more, get in the car and have some chocolate on the way home. Did I mention to wrap the chocolate in foil and put in the ice chest? Nope! Dope! Do it!

We’re having artichokes and liver tonight, some Fat Tire Beer, and ice cream with mom’s home made chocolate sauce. Maybe some of the good coffee from Morning Glory, our local roaster . . . . . not too much – gotta get up early. Don’t forget camera!

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