Fly Fishing, Women, & Shooting

“. . . it’s not that hard to learn if you have a snarling ape standing behind you.”

Fall In SeattleI found an article about women fly fishing in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It seems these gals have carved a niche for their sport on Hartstene Island.

They are fishing for sea-run cutthroat and having a ball. The women banded together because the Seattle fly fishing clubs didn’t allow women members. And this is the 21st century. Well, it’s their loss; kiss a fish.

I got to the park, finally, and the fishing was excellent. The crowd at the Barns Holes was a little fierce because the fish were being very cooperative. But peer pressure kept the anglers moving through the run and it was pleasant to visit with them as we waited our turn. The Brown Trout are the most aggressive and several 16″ fish were taken.

There are fewer Mountain Whitefish being taken. One of the fishermen said that the flies were too big. He said that the little ‘bumps’ are the Whitefish trying to take the big flies and that I should wait until the line “came tight” before I set the hook. It seems to work.

Jamie at small bore airI came home to find out that Jamie Beyerle had placed 4th in the women’s 3-position competition at the world cup. Team USA had a respectable showing, but we should have done better. The results can be found at the USA SHOOTING site.

Jamie has been tearing up the women’s side of the sport for several years now. She was the first person selected for the world championship team, the 2006 NCAA Smallbore Champion, and gathered some Olympic Quotas in Zagreb Croatia.

Jamie is just plain awesome, and has been getting better and better as she moves through the ranks. She is famous for her 3-position work but has done well at Camp Perry in the across the course competitions too. Jamie at Camp PerryShe took the Cobb Memorial Trophy five times, (2000 – 2004,) and continues to improve.

The 2008 Olympic Team has not been constituted yet, but we look for Jamie to be one of the first selected. If she continues to improve, we look for her to gather up a medal – how’s that for pressure, gal?


One of the kids next door reads this blog and told me I was missing some good material. I’m never sure how to take kids, but I looked at the site he suggested. It’s called SURFING THE NET WITH KIDS, and has a premium page, (means you have to register, ) about Yellowstone. It’s a site that is edited by Barbara J. Feldman, and does indeed contain some good material – for adults too. One of the links took me to the National Geographic site for kids featuring Yellowstone – great stuff. Another sent me to the Wolf Tracker site, and one to the Nature site about our otters.


butter fried donutMom’s gone, and I can wander around in my sweats, have a third cup of coffee, pound the computer, and have breakfast at noon. I have a dinner guest this evening and will be preparing my famous, (infamous?) butter fried donuts for desert. I will probably have a rib eye for the main course and garnish it with some green beans and bacon. Baked or scalloped? who knows? Wine will be chosen in a joint effort – thanks mom!

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