Blue Sky No Fishing


This was as nice a fall day as winter will allow. Bright sun and 40’s. I set the steaks to marinade in some Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I then went to the Firehole with every intention of fishing.

I decided to visit Fairy Falls instead. It’s a nice walk, about 3 miles round trip and the trail was damp but not mushy. The Brookies were plashing and playing and the snow flies were thick enough to be annoying. The walk was brisk and invigorating. Forgot the damn camera again. It’s just not a part of me yet.

I returned home to clean up after the party and do the dishes – what a mess. People are pigs. Everything went just fine and both the social and political agendas were completed without too much pain. After the dishes I joined the computer for some serious organizing and rearranging.horr_018.jpg

horr_031.jpgThen a quick run around the town, (6 x 6 blocks,) and back to tidy up the house and have dinner. I had to hurry because the local cable company only carried the ROCKY HORROR SHOW at 11:00 instead of 12:00. It’s kind of a childish ritual, but horr_032.jpgI like to see it once each Halloween – so I can use my Bic Lighter and squirt gun. Yes I had a guest – no names by request.


hot-aa.jpgDinner was a purely primitive affair. Fillets, wine and bread. As they say in Texas “BURN ‘EM.” Most folks believe that that means well done. What it really means is to take a room-temperature steak and slap it in a red-hot, ungreased, cast iron skillet.

When it starts to smell like it’s burning; give it another minute and turn it over. The best pan is one with ridges on the bottom, but I seem to have misplaced mine in the move. Flat works fine. The camera was in the kitchen so I’ve got indoor shots instead of out door shots.

hot-oa.JPGA 1-1/2″ steak comes out fork-tender, juicy, and just perfect. The seared charring on the outside is thin and adds a wonderful accent to the meat, and bread and wine.

hot-ob.JPGMost chef’s would scream in horror at waking up the meat so violently – I’m not a chef. Anyway, it’s quick and flavorful, and I like a pink and juicy steak.

hot-od.JPGWhen the steaks are done let them rest a minute or two before cutting. Not much longer or there won’t be any juices to sop up with the bread. People are pigs – I love it. As I mentioned the meat is still very tender and will stand up to 40 – 50 seconds in your microwave if necessary, (horror of horrors!)

hot-oe.JPGThe wine was surprisingly good after 10 years in my mothers wine rack. I opened it when I started my shower. I poured it in a large-mouthed carafe and swirled it a couple of times during cooking. It smelled like a dusty rug when I opened it, and I was sure that it had turned to vinegar or something worse. Well, who says that California red’s won’t stand a little age?

hot-of.JPGThis particular Cabernet Franc was scrumptious. It smelled like wet roses, tasted like very old grapes, and finished like a slow heartburn – but pleasant and lingering. The tannins are both smooth and strong, and yet without any hint of vinegar. The third glass, (with the bread and meat juice,) was as smooth as could be and hinted at both plums and berries, (and – dare I say it – nectarines.) This wine was laid to rest in my mom’s house in 1997. I meant to drink it then, but travel and work kept me away. Mom never turned it, never dusted it, never molested it in any way. It has probably seen both 60 & 75 degrees. Still, it was a welcome surprise. I’m sure it was the last bottle in the world. Francis Coppola, Cabernet Franc, 1990, 9,942 bottles produced, (this was bottle #3649.) If you have some – don’t give it away.


Speaking of wine; there was a nice note in the Wine Hiker Blog. I would never have known it, but, I just discovered a statistics section on my dashboard, and some links in the RSS portion on this blog, (I don’t always look that closely.) So I visited the site and looked very closely. It’s a fully developed web site, and much more than just a blog. It’s a small company that will take you on a custom tour of the California wine country. I visit the site about once a week and never went beyond the blog.

Anyway, I appreciate the link, and the reminder that I have to turn on the comments if I want responses. That’s fine and I will do so – when I remember. Comments ON!


Happy Halloween. Now, is that oxymoronic or what? Anyway – here’s a neat picture or four of fishy Jack O’ Lanterns that I accidentally-on-purpose stumbled onto. (click for full-sized rendition.)
jack-o-fish.jpg fish-pumpkin.jpg

petrafiedfish.jpg piratefish-pumpkin.jpg




The Remington arrived today. If the weather holds off for one more day I can test fire it and get some case preparation underway. I guess that long winters may be a blessing.

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