And I thought that Goleta would insulate me from the absolute imbecility of the real world. HA!, Isla Vista is just laughing its head off.

arrowhd.gifThis is without a doubt the most stupid thing thing that the National Park Circus has done this decade. gc-sign.jpgThey have bowed to the religious fundamentalists in the White House and now must refuse to tell visitors how old the Grand Canyon is, and how it was formed.

This is the same sort of stupidity that causes wars, denies intellectual freedom, and guts the human element from humans. I’m ashamed of the National Park Circus. I’m ashamed that my tax dollars go to support such morons. They are busy peddling a creationist book that supposes that the canyon was caused by “THE FLOOD.”

Soon they will probably say that there are no numbers bigger than 4,004. They will probably become USHERS in the worst sense of the word. They will, as one fine gentleman has said, begin selling Yellowstone as the “Nostrils of Satan.”

Not only will they tell you that they don’t know how old the canyon is, they will lie and say that the Vishnu Schist & Zoroaster Granite are just a few thousand years old. Your NPS is full of liars and dolts. Maybe there should be a test about geology for the employees – one that asks if they can count or read.

The NPS lied to us about reviewing the sale of the book. They lied to us about it’s place in the government run book store. They pretend to allow all points of view. They might as well just ignore all the research that they fund with my tax dollars. The lack of integrity is appalling!

This note belongs in the “RANT” category; however it is clear from a scan of my Bloglines entries and my Tecnhorati searches, that the literate world has reacted in the same way as I have.

createcanyon.jpgFor your edification I’ve created this picture.

Hell, if “HE” can, then so can I. No apologies.

Several sources documenting this outrage are listed below.
From the Public Employees For Environmental to Boing Boing the consensus is about the same. This is the end of responsible management of our National Parks.

Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy reacts with a similar view. So too, does Dear Kitty; she even has an even better graphic than the one above. Brad DeLong at Grasping Reality With Both Hands suggest a possible course of action.

An excellent look at this and other problems with the NPS and this White House comes from The Smorgasbord, where we learned how Joe Alston the Superintendent of the Grand Canyon lobbied to keep the book on the shelves and then lied about it.

Even Channel 2 in Nashville is bewildered at the inane stupidity and gross negligence of the reported actions. Their post The End Of Enlightenment asks a simple question: “How did we get this far, when science and good reason are eschewed for faith-based fanaticism?”

If you need to see all the other reactions, just search the blogs and newspapers. It is a widespread reaction, and happily shows that most of us know how old the Grand Canyon really is; even if the NPS is not allowed to tell us. There has, naturally -(supernaturally?) – been no response from the National Park Circus.

I just can’t wait to get back to my home in West Yellowsstone. I think I’ll visit Satan’s Nostrils when I get there.


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