The “Truth” Will Out


grand-canyon-338-x-224.jpgIt seems that I got my panties in a bunch for the absolute wrong reason. The last post about the stupidity of the National Park Circus was partially in error. They are not telling the world that “the flood” created the Grand Canyon. They are merely allowing the selling a book that does. The sad part of it all, is that PEER is playing games with this creationist stupidity.

Two sage and conscientious bloggers have tracked down the “facts,” – such as they are – and bless my bloomers, PEER is ranting in public. Read all about it in Ranger X, and National Parks Traveler. Thanks to these folks I can sleep at night knowing that at least some of the National Park Circus is living in the world of reality.

arial-gc-skyblu.jpgThe same probably can’t be said about PEER.The sad part of it all, is that PEER, is running out of relevancy, and has to resort to this kind of stupidity. They are beginning to tilt at windmills. Sounds like the testosterone bloggers to me. They have lost a bit more credibility in my eyes. After all, they are a major force in getting Yellowstone to denounce public access in winter, in favor of required guide fees and higher entrance fees.

There was an interesting, though slightly jaded, post in Yellowstone Park News about the cost of visiting Yellowstone in the winter. It is becoming clear that no matter what the NPS says, they want to limit travel in the winter – and still whine about reduced visitation.

A fine post in Jim’s Eclectic World points out just how elite the visitors are in Yellowstone. As I’ve noted before, and in the Yellowstone pages here, the Park was initially conceived of as a playground for the wealthy and the privileged. It is rapidly returning to its conceptual beginnings. It’s sad that our national treasures should be reserved for only the very wealthy. But thus it has always been. And the fiction of American Democracy demands a class system that, as Mr. Macdonald says, “Protection of Yellowstone is among other things, protection of a class system; however, that hardly squares with our values of what Yellowstone is supposed to be.”

The cogent thing about this piece is the honest admission that the wealthy will always have access to the splendor of the built environment. They will, also miss much of the park. So it is, too, with the current winter access. Sadly, there is no alternative to canned tours. Plowing the roads in winter would at least open the park to the middle classes, and allow the poor to work as well. There needs to be less advocacy for wealthy values and more for common folks.


gray-fog.jpgOn a lighter note, there is some beautiful scenery here on the beach. The students are getting ready to return to the grind, and the beaches are mostly deserted. So I wander along the strand.

grayday-sb.jpgNew Year’s revels were typical, and the old friends were good to see. There was some good wine to be had, and Trader Joe’s has done themselves proud again. But, for the life of me, specifics seem to have been clouded by the fun

Well, I’ve got to get upstairs and help mom, then pack for the return trip. Seems that the nostrils of Satan have been getting along just fine without me – can’t let that happen.

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