Another Mental Health Day


headbrain.jpgI’ve got a couple of days left here and just needed to unwind. So, of all the stupid things, I’ve eschewed the beach and parked myself in front of the computer.

The world’s news and condition, (aside from headlines and sound bites,) is really encapsulated in weblogs. From the mundane to the monumental – they come and they go, (where is the Budget Wine Babe? – lost in Napa?) But, they continue to reflect a mostly male dominated activity. That’s not bad – just the way it seems to me.

mf.jpgI wonder if it’s a cultural thing or if it’s something in the way we’re wired? Do women have much to say about what is going on? Are our topics just too domestic and mundane? Do we care about different things, in different ways? Jeeze, I don’t know. The idiosyncrasies of a blog are certainly reflective of our personalities, interests, desires, perspectives, and intellectual curiosities. They are also wrapped up in both ego and financial satisfactions.

Is our projection of our persona self aggrandizing, or is it selfless sharing. Probably neither 100%. Are we convincing anybody of anything or just sharing information? Who knows? What are the personal consequences of spreading oneself across the Internet. Reflection on this can lead to some interesting conjecture. The impersonality of it all guarantees some sort of fantasy perception of the self. THE MUSINGS GROW!

I’ve gotten into the habit of aiming a few clicks at a few favorite blogs, and find that there are just a few that keep popping up. It’s a mostly habitual activity, and on days like this provide insight into my own interests and curiosities. Some of them are even written by women.


yogabeach.jpgFrom Rochester, Minnesota comes a blog – Driftless Skies – that is unassuming, down to earth, folksy, and just plain ‘real.’ The flyfisher there is at about the same stage of exploration that I am and I feel a genuine kinship. A brand new $5 rod is being used for the opening of the winter season. No artifice or snobbery here. From the family to the weather to some poetry this blog is genuine.

Verbena-19 gets under my skin. It haunts me with its continuous probing of the human condition and behavior on this too, too small planet. The view from Canada is always refreshing and, in this case poignantly disturbing. I wonder why I keep checking?

Small Dead Animals also get under my skin. It’s also Canadian. It’s also full of insight and perspective. The breadth of this blog is mind-blowing. Real concern and information just ooze from the posts. What is it about Canada? It was a quote on this site that caused this rumination in the first place . . . “Bloggers will continue to believe they are supplanting the mainstream media, when – in fact – the data will show that the growth and influence of blogs is waning:” . . . Check it out.

Persistence, regularity, consistency, and genuine “Old School” insight always comes from the weblog of Dave Richey. It’s obviously written for guys, but it’s also obviously from the heart. This is the way Dad felt. Me too, some times.

My neighbor back in West Yellowstone is training for the Iditarod. I always check Klondike Dreams for his progress. It’s all about dogs. And it’s all about desire and will and dedication. Just imagine; over 1,100 miles on a dog sled. In the cold. In the wild. In the day. In the night. What can be the force that drives these people?

Reel Women, commercial fly fishing for women – and mighty interesting too. Next season’s schedule looks to be the best offering in quite a few years. It’s expensive, alluring, educational, expensive, fun, diverse, and expensive. I think I’ll go.

“SERIOUS BLOGGING” is what CUSS is all about. The Campaign for Unshaved Snatch. reaches out and grabs me each time that I click on it. She’d shit if I meant that literally. This weblog is not as irreverent as the title would imply – but it’s irreverent enough. It’s not just under my skin – it’s under my scalp as well.

“Close on the Season of Goodwill comes the Season of Coughs and Colds and Sneezes.” You tell ’em girl! Mountainear is a weblog about “The high spots of life from the top of a very low mountain.” From Great Britain comes one of the most genuine and insightful life tales – ongoing and authentic. I hope this one doesn’t disappear.

beaujolaisposter.jpgAfter reading some posts about the Nouveau wines, I vowed to get some back in Bozeman. Blew That! But, thankfully, the kids down here dragged me to the Isla Vista village market and Trader Joe’s.

We gathered up a large sample of the “newbies,” as they call them down here. I’d provide a review but they were all opened at once and consumed willy-nilly. Drinkable. winewall.jpgAll that by way of saying that I frequently click on the Winehiker-Witiculture weblog. It has some precise, topical posts. And, like all good things seems to be getting better with age.

And, never to be missed, is “F-Words.” Straight from Moscow comes this weblog that roars about feminism and English muffins within a few lines. This is just about as jolting and entertaining and serious as it gets. If I just want the English muffins I click on over to Orexia. After all, to steal a quote, “If we have to eat three times a day, we might as well make it a good experience.”


winter-beach.jpgA flock of gulls blew in last night and are raising a real ruckus outside. Maybe I’ll go to the beach after all. I feel a song coming on . . . “Windbreakers On The Beach” . . .


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