Off To Boise


create-it.jpgWell I’ve met the higher-ups and survived. The monitoring is well in hand. The town belongs to sledheads, and all is well in the world. I’m going to Boise to see the man that created the Internet.

Garry Wenske algoretongue.jpghas arranged for Al Gore to be the keynote speaker at the Frank Church Conference On Global Warming. The conference is much more important than the keynote speaker, but the publicity is sure to do it some good.

The Frank Church Institute at Boise State endows a professorship, sponsors an annual conference and is involved in public affairs issues and education.

Frank Church, (Senate Biography, Wikipedia Biography,) is an unsung hero of so many issues that are of growing concern today. His papers are housed at Boise State University. The Frank Church – River Of No Return Wilderness is named after him. This wilderness is as close to an untouched wilderness as exists in the lower 48. It certainly is much more so than the testosterone bloggers will ever know or would care to admit.

Boise is a long way to go for such a short conference. It reminds me of my undergraduate days when I’d travel with a group of friends 270 miles for a huckleberry pancake breakfast. Back in a flash, with a report.


Late Breaking News

Excellent article in SA ONLINE about things that happen during the conditions known as El Nino and the Indian Ocean Dipole. A peek into the past and the future.

The lets us know that the elk of Yellowstone have Scabies. More now than in recent memory.

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