Oh The Joys of News Overload


The world is in a fine fit of chaos. I’ll never get any work done if I continue to read about what’s going on around me.news_overload.jpg I’m in a dither about the flood of disheartening and absolutely stupid news on my Bloglines page. Some bits, on the other hand demand my attention and are going to rattle around in my head for quite some time.

First off, The Yellowstone Newspaper is about as good as it gets when seeking information about Yellowstone National Park. This remote aggregation of information is full of recent information and is well worth looking at on a daily basis. Even at two million acres the park generates a disproportionate amount of news and it is well chronicled by Mr. Macdonald.

National Parks Traveler reports that the GAO is about to look at the bison management scheme in Yellowstone. It’s about time. Maybe they’ll look at the tame elk, winter access, commercialization, and cranky ex-rangers too. One can only hope.

The Casper Star Tribune has two articles on Wolves and the circus going on in Wyoming. One describes the first of a series of public hearings taking place, the other details how the split state senate ignores it’s own staff and voted to reduce the permanent management area in northwest Wyoming. These law makers just don’t get it.

An excellent review of the eminent domain issue is reported in New West. Many western states are reacting to the 2005 supreme court ruling that allows local governments to condemn and seize property for commercial development. This could mean that the cute little vacation cabin that you saved your whole life for will be gobbled up by a commercial trout fishing ranch.

A disturbing result of the push toward biofuels is reported by Grist. It seems that the biofuel feedstocks such as corn and soybeans and rape are such good money makers that barley is being neglected. The remaining barley being grown is so scarce that beer prices are liable to shoot up. This is truly disturbing news.

Little Sis reminds us all of the real problems in Missoula and elsewhere about the old bugaboo of the double standard. Not just in practice – but in conversation as well.

I’m relieved to discover that global warming is a myth. Thank god for Jerry Falwell. David Roberts reports about this wonderful reassurance and points us toward a revealing video. I’m so glad that I don’t have to be duped by the experts.

I’m disturbed to find out that honey bees are vanishing without any reason. The New York Times reports about the disappearing bees, and the mystery is about to threaten crops – including my beloved California almonds. This is a real tragedy.

Even more disturbing than the bees is the note about elderly poor women. A long and insightful article by Jeffrey Feldman in the Huffington Blog details how eating from garbage cans is a strategy for survival and not just for homeless people. The article contains many disturbing observations from a White House study (PDF) and consumed most of my morning blog-time. Read it and weep.

rangerhat-nps.jpgOn a light and genuinely entertaining note; visit the blogs of “OH, THE JOYS” (even the linked links are entertaining.)

From the deep south comes the voice of one who knows about fiber, enjoys fantasies about rangers, and other ‘joys’ such as: Santa can ride my duck, frying bacon (sans garments,) and ‘Mommy, why do you wear a bra?’ Bless her voice! (Try this for a mommy sample.)

Got to run. The snow of the last couple of days has turned the little burg into a white postcard and running in the snow does wonders for my legs.

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