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The plan is done. The preferred is stated. It stinks, in all ways. I just figured out why there is a continuous planning process about winter use in Yellowstone National Park. It’s a simple thing: if you keep getting it wrong, you’ll have to do it again. The fact that Yellowstone has a history of getting it wrong just bespeaks of a need for guaranteed employment.

The furor over the ‘snowmobile issue’ is rattling all cages except the right ones. For a synopsis check the National Parks Traveler: “Yellowstone’s Snowmobile Dreams” and “Worldwide Interest In Yellowstone Snowmobile Issue.” For good coverage of the details check out the New West piece by ‘Scott in Cody,’ and the piece in the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

Well, I guess that ignoring your own research is one way to attract attention. The next round of law suits and clamor will just mean more of my $$$$ wasted and more jobs.

With the continued focus on “THE SNOWMOBILE ISSUE” the more important underlying issue of winter access is being ignored. And, the most sensible approach will be lost to view again.

The road from Mammoth to Silver Gate is passable with wheeled vehicles all year, (with some intermittent interruptions.) The road from West Yellowstone to Big Sky travels through the park and is a year round road. Why do the planners demand that the road from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful be reserved for their pet concessionaires who have perpetuated the myth that over-the-snow travel is best? Jobs, of course – they don’t want to solve the problem – they want to preserve their jobs.

As long as inefficient vehicular modes of transportation, (snowmobiles, snowcoaches, snow vans, and snow buses,) are used; pollution levels will never come down to optimum levels – AND access will be limited to the wealthy. Is this really what the NPS wants? Is this what the thinking public wants? Or, is this what the loudest cheerleaders want?

The simple and sensible solution is to plow the road. Perhaps the anticipation of warmer climates, less snow, and public outcry will eventually convince the planners to do the right thing. I doubt it! Because then what would they have to do? Something productive?

ASK HIM WHY. They shoot snowmobilers – don’t they?ask him


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