This is, to my eye, absolutely beautiful. It was taken by Nick Tansley, and the reproduction here does not do it justice. Click on over to TREK EARTH and see how lovely it is. The technical data is a story in itself. Thank you Nick.



How I Got Sucked Into The Monitor


After a brief and cold jog around town, and after a hearty breakfast I plopped in front of the computer and promised myself that the draft summary report would be completed by this evening.

Ahhhh the best laid . . . just a quick look at my Bloglines page, a couple of innocent clicks, BAM! What a site!

thundercloud-by-graham-owens.jpgGO SOLAR – the home page hints at little that is most fascinating at this location. In fact there is no mention of the beauty on the page. Stealth led me to some photographs. For me, the fascination was first awakened on that page: a beautiful thunderhead cloud viewed from the air.

macro-of-orange-firefly-by-graham-owen.jpgThen, there it was, the most amazing photos of flies: real, faux, decorative, artistic, and flying, and battling, and I was hooked. If you are at all interested in fantastic creativity visit the Photography and Fly pages of Graham Owen. {CLICK ON THE PHOTOS – IT’S WORTH IT!}

orange-dragonflies-interacting-2-by-graham-owens.jpgSome of the flies fool flies. An epic battle is illustrated between dragonflies. The faux fly, just anchored to the twig, is mercilessly pounded by the soaring bug, — I was sucked in.

9-three-flies-by-graham-owen.jpgThe real dragonfly even attacked a faux fly to remove an imitation fly for food – survival of the most aggressive. I was sucked even deeper into the monitor.

a-21-brookie-by-graham-owen.jpgThen I discovered my favorite picture, a 21″ Brook Trout. And a beautiful place: “Kirman Lake, California.” There is not a hint that the fish came from the lake, but it’s on my ‘mysteries to decipher’ list.

I clicked on every page and every photo. It didn’t hurt in the least. My eyes finally let me know that I had crept closer to the monitor than was sane or healthy.

Damn the report; just one more click.


What A Good Idea

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You*

From Flyfishmagazine come news of a reeelly nice reel, with a reeeelly good idea, and with a reeeeeelly high price.

hardy-te.jpgThe Hardy Swift TE Reel includes an adjustable cantilevered beam that is adjustable for balance. Sounds like the perfect reason to get one. “If only this outfit was better balanced . . . . . ”

The reel is currently only available in 7/8 and can be found on the web for a wide range of prices. For just £350.00 it sounds like a deal. Searching a bit can bring the price down to the more reasonable £313.99 range, with a spare spool only £115.99.

Look at Cheshire Fishing for some prices in British currency, or check out The Evening Hatch for deals if you use American Money. Now I just need a rationalization for using an eight weight rod to catch a 10″ brook trout, or a even a 22″ Rainbow. “WIND,” that’s it, I’ll bet the wind can be overcome with this, and a new rod to match.

*With apologies to Elvis.

Is Fly Fishing Sexist – You Bet!


Visit the site of the contemplative angler for poor perturbations on plumbing. May the mark IV push Pablum into your puttees, and may your piscalator petrify your William. Shame on you!


It’s Just Too Pretty To Fish – NAW!


a-snowy-mt-use.jpgThis is a glorious morning, it’s 25 F, and I’m going to have some more coffee, then a pancake sandwich at Chuck’s place, then take a drive around the lake, and maybe I’ll visit the park and listen to the elk bugle, and then go to town and have a big lunch. Then home to lay on the couch and watch soap operas. Fat Chance! The nasty weather of the weekend has moved fish. I think, instead, that maybe the old princess needs some exercise. The day demands it!

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