Semper Fi, Redux


I hope this works. I’m sweltering in the hopper-laden meadows of Slough Creek. This post should appear at noon on July 4, 2007. I’ll find out when I get back. Have a safe and joyous celebration of our independence.


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Tag You’re It


Here are my picks for the Thinking Blogger Award:

  1. Jim Macdonald: Compiles the Yellowstone Newspaper, blogs about Yellowstone in The Magic of Yellowstone, discusses philosophical underpinnings of anti-authoritarianism and how it relates to park administration, and maintains a discussion forum – among other wonders of the blogsphere.
  2. Small Dead Animals: insights from Canada, pertinent to all of us.
  3. verbena-19: another bucketful of insight from Canada, social justice, environment, civil liberties, environmental awareness – great stuff – [old site, new site.]
  4. Wild Wilderness Blog: well researched perspectives about the threats to our public lands and the ever present push to make a buck.
  5. CUSS: irreverent, tawdry, base, uncouth, true, real, and what all of us are really thinking – but not saying!

Well, that’s it. There are certainly others worthy of the tag, but these are the guys that I read and these are the ones that make me think. Visit them and let me know. Comments are always open.
The rules are: Congratulations, you won a

Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging.The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).

I’d Never Thunk It


.. The early morning email brought me a present from the Wildlife Alive blog. The official tag for the thinking blogger award is in the comments of my last post. thinkingbloggerskyblu.jpgI’m more than flattered because this blog is primarily for me and the staff. It is a group of truncated and segmented threads of my musings – hardly a “think piece.” Thanks to Wildlife Alive for even reading the posts.

.. There are several blogs that I feel deserve the tag, and I’ll post them in the next day or so. I just love the idea of a “peer review” of blogs.

.. Then to my surprise, while checking my Word Press links and statistics, I find that this string of words and phrases is #82 and moving on up. movin-on-up.jpgI need to plug the guys at Word Press for their constant attention to the platform and their unyielding search for excellence. I would especially like to thank Matt and Mark for stumbling through my convoluted code and fixing problems that I have encountered created – bless you both.

.. This is a good time to let you know about things in the works. There is unified bibliography about the winter access problems in Yellowstone. This will include not just the pertinent air and sound quality studies, but will provide resources about the visitor experience, Yellowstone planning, increased fees, wildlife concerns, and the long range climate outlook. Diverse as it sounds, it is all of a single fabric.

.. There is also an exposition of factors in park management that mitigate against concern for the parks and for the public’s desires. This includes a bibliography about the decisions most recently made in the “Big-Draw” parks like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Denali, etc.

Semper Fi

Love Is Candy In A Box


Cupid & Psyche

Well, I suppose it takes all kinds to celebrate a commercial holiday with candy, flowers, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. There are, some interesting takes on the event, and other news as well.

An interesting piece on “Hugs & Dry Humping” appeared in The Huffington Post. Authored by Carol Hoenig, it brings pathos to the outsider. Incomplete without her male?

Moldy Chum steps forward with a video about girls grabbing catfish for their fun. Of course, I encourage you to visit Four Eyed Bat and The Seven Deadly Sinners for some contemporary takes on the Valentine, and for vintage views try Vintage Valentines.

wolves-mating.jpgWolves are making news again. The Casper Star Tribune relates how the Feds and Wyoming have split the blanket and decided to go their separate ways on the wolf question. High Country News brings us up to date on the controversy – and gives us a brief philosophical insight into the situation. The Juneau Empire addresses the concerns of management from the perspective of wolves that have never been re-introduced. And from a readers forum at the BYU News Net comes an interesting note about the fear of wolves – written by an Idaho resident.

Oceanus has a couple of articles that address the role of the oceans in global warming: Sunspots, Sea Changes, and Climate Shifts – and – How Long Can the Oceans Slow Global Warming?

From Vinography comes a note about the good health benifits of Red Wine, and a suggestion to visit the Litmus Feature about the same. The opening quote from the Litmus piece:

If wine is so good for you, why do I feel like shit this morning?” asked a visiting college friend.


Because you drank a bottle and a half by yourself and then ate two chalupas,” I responded, “and I’m pretty sure that none of the studies evaluating the health benefits of red wine have ever included slamming three-buck-Chuck and Taco Bell, but I could be wrong.


And certainly it’s must reading during the valentine season, if you intend to give your sweetie a car, – try The Prius Snob Strikes Back for some insight into the real costs of being green., (thanks to GRIST.)

P.S. Happy day to Thomas.

I’m Moving To The UK

Come Fly With Me


I have got to just drop everything and become a resident of the UK. The opportunities are overwhelming. I might even win a trip into space! It’s true, little ol’ me, in space.

According to Gadling all I have to do is write a simple essay – bingo, off to space. What more could a girl ask? Up there, with a view of the roiling atmosphere, would be about as good as it gets.

Audi & The New Scientist are giving away this trip as a prize for answering a simple question: “What is the best patented invention, and why?” That’s a cinch. I’ve got it made, and I know the perfect answer. The contest is limited to a brief response of 250 words or less – no problem. It’s obvious, I’m going to space.

The program consists of :
* Fly into space, 62 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth
* View the Earth from space
* Experience weightlessness
* Participate in the birth of the space travel industry and inspire future generations of explorers

The space flight company SPACE ADVENTURES is providing the ride. And if you are foolish enough to compete against my essay you can find the application form here.

The trip is planned for 2009, and of course there will be other contestants – I feel sorry for them.

Don’t even bother to ask — I’m not telling. Now all I have to do is get to the airport before you do.


Smart Car Coming To USA


lisa.jpgThe Smart Car is already available in Europe. In the United States it’s being marketed as ZAP right now, prior to it’s official introduction to the American public. This alternative fuel, highly efficient car may represent the next stage in American Automotive Evolution.

Here’s how to learn more: 1} visit Smart Car Of America, 2} visit ZAP the first USA distributor, 3} visit Green Car Company of Kirkland, Washington, 4} visit the Official Smart USA web site.

[podtech content=]

I Wonder if they need a test driver for extreme winter conditions? I’ll apply.

It’s Early, But I Have To Share



They’ve been hidden over there in the sidebar for about a month, (maybe a bit more.) My statistics show that only a few of you have found them. The creativity is merciless, the sentiments are primal, the appeal is nearly universal.

Get over to: Foureyed Bat & The Seven Deadly Sinners. Do it now and you will be rewarded with talent and insight that requires few words!

Good going guys!!!!

(via: Yellowstone Park News)

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