..How Do I Find The Fish?

Should You Hire a Guide

Author: Peter Calker

Fishing Guides can frequently be worth having as long as you know just exactly what you are getting. For example, hiring a guide is no guarantee that you are going to catch a ton of trophy fish. The guide will take you to the places known to have fish, but catching them is still up to you.

If you dont know what you are doing, the guide can only help you so much. But, that said, if that’s the case, a guide may be well worth it to you. Since you will be arriving at a place you have never been before, and you only have a few days to catch fish, a guide can really be a big help.

Without a guide, you could spend several days just trying to find out where the fish are. Also, keep in mind that most guides are great anglers themselves. They spend all spring and summer on the water and surely know what works and what doesnt.

Here are some things to discuss with any potential guide to give you a feel for whether or not you might want to hire him: –The type of fish you want to catch, -Whether you are looking to catch lots of fish, or just trophy sized fish, -What techniques & flies will the guide expect you to use?

This is what you will typically get when you hire a guide: -Expert advice on the best locations to fish, -Expert tips on how to best catch your fish, -A deftly prepared, delicious shore lunch.

But another option to consider is that you can hire a guide for just a day or two (be up front about this) and then use his (or her) advice on what to do the rest of your fishing trip.

This will save you some money and still get you that expert advice you are looking for. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 per day plus a tip of around $25 per person. So, it simply becomes a matter of how much help a guide can be to you, and whether you are willing to pay for the service. There, now you can decide if you want to hire a fishing guide.

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